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About Me

In 2013, I was introduced to the idea of using essential oils. My son was struggling with deep sadness and digestive concerns. A friend shared an oil sample with me, Digestzen. He started using it daily on his belly and loved it. We got a kit and started figuring out how to use them. It was slow at first, as I didn’t know where to go for the information. I now offer resources of my own, because I want others to know where to go to find the information they need. I love meeting new people and building relationships while helping them develop a plan for wellness.

My days are filled with time with my family, working with our amazing dōTERRA team and just enjoying life.

My Favorite Products

Use these at the first sign you’re feeling under the weather. 

Calms anxious feelings and smells like juicy fruit.

These are a game changer for optimal health.


Do you get those little skin imperfections around your mouth or in your mouth? I am prone to getting them. When I start to feel that first tingle I go for my Tea Tree from dōTERRA. I roll it on the tingle, sometime 5-6 times a day. I love this because it never becomes open. I have tried several products in the past, they always took me through the “blister phase.” It usually still takes about a week, but never goes beyond the red spot. I love my Tea Tree Touch roller by dōTERRA.



My whole life I have had anger issues, no matter the situation. My teachers and classmates were worried about me too. Erin did this scan on my by ITOVI and it came up with these oils: Serenity (Restful Blend) and White Fir (now we use Siberian Fir). I started using these oils in a roller bottle over my heart and in a diffuser. My teacher and classmates started noticing a difference and I am not handling my myself instead of of pure rage. I like using it right away in the morning and when I get that angry feeling. This is my favorite go-to blend.



I was standing for several hours working with calves at about 8 months pregnant. My feet were so swollen & just hurt. I applied Past Tense (Tension Blend) to feet and ankles and within 20 minutes so much relief.  

Sierra, Mom of Three Kids


I have had these hard white pimples on my face for years. I have seen several doctors and have tried several creams. After starting with dōTERRA oils I learned I could apply Frankincense to my face and my skin care products. I do this 1 to 2x a day and after a few weeks they are almost gone. 

Connie, a Grandma


I have had blisters on m y skin for the past 4 years. I attended one of Erin’s classes and make a roller bottle of Lemon, lavender and peppermint. I tried applying these oils to my skin daily and after 2 days, I was 50% better and almost completely gone with a week. Go dōTERRA!

LeAnn, a Grandma