We all look at health differently, we all have different goals, dreams, and plans as to how we will achieve those plans. In our fast-paced lives we want simple and for some, to still be able to eat the treats after dinner.

A little history on our family and how we came to try the new MetaPWR System. Mark, my husband has been a dairy farmer his whole life. He gets up at 6:00 am 365 days a year for almost 50 years. I have only farmed in the dairy industry for 30 of those years. We both are feeling our age and even though nutrition is something I have now researched and taught for almost 9 years, I still can not seem to turn back the clock enough to where I feel like we are gaining ground instead of losing it.

Our daughter on the other hand over the last 6 years has had some health challenges. First, we noticed psoriasis on her scalp, which led us to a gut test and found a gluten sensitivity. Then just last year a seizure in church Labor Day weekend. What brought that on? I was so thankful that this did not happen 10 minutes early or it would have been a car accident for sure. Next, we did a hair sample to see where her vitamins and minerals were at. The results came in a month later, she had HIGH levels of uranium (heavy metals). We found this very interesting and began to wonder if this has been an underlying cause of several of our families’ health challenges these past 10 years, as that is when we dug our new well.

Fast forwarding to July 2022 when I heard about doTERRA’s new MetaPWR System that would focus on Metabolism, I wanted to give it a try and started to think of several of our family members that would benefit. Personally, I wanted to lose weight and feel more confident in my own skin. I have tried every diet, food plan, and menu plan to try and reach a healthy weight and maintain it.
For Mark, I wanted him to try the system to see how it would help a man who is really starting to show the wear and tear of life.
For Julianna, I was curious if it would help her fatigue, brain health, and skin.

metapwr family

It has now been 8 weeks and here is what we are noticing!!

Mark is noticing better sleep, more energy, and less discomfort in his daily chores. I noticed his mood, he seems so much happier, less snoring and his pants look looser.
Julianna is noticing more clarity of thought and less fatigue and loving the post-workout – as in NO discomfort. And her skin is looking so nice. Bonus: no monthly PMS pain or discomfort.
For me, by day 4 less discomfort, better sleep, and my mood – I felt so happy. After a few more weeks I started noticing my clothes were fitting better, it was like I have a new wardrobe. I have lost 10 inches in my midsection and legs. This blew me away. I also wanted to test the product line so one week I jogged 10 miles over the course of 4 days to see if I would notice the achiness that came with starting a new exercise routine. Nope, I felt amazing!

As for the uranium, we have noticed a change in our health with that as well, we have incorporated a few different cleanses but what I am really surprised by is how the first week I noticed a strong smell of body odor, was my liver feeling the benefits of these new products and was functioning better? I am usually cold, a lot, but that has gone away as well. Is this system cleaning things out and repairing areas that need extra support?

And now sugar, it just does not taste as good, or I should say sugar products that I never really enjoyed but ate because I emotionally wanted them, don’t appeal to me. I am noticing that good food, I can taste the different flavors, and a good dessert has amazing flavor when not loaded with sugars but has actually nutritional benefits. It’s like your body knows what is good for it and you can tell by the way the food tastes.

If you would like to learn more or try parts of this system for yourself I hope you will reach out and send me a message.

Currently, we have 100 customers on the system and everyone’s results are different. I greatly enjoy working with everyone and helping them understand the system and how to incorporate it on a daily bases.