When doTERRA announced the new “Adaptiv” line in September of 2019 the crowd went wild with excitement. Finally a supplement and essential oil blend just for those that struggle with stress. Let’s be honest WE ALL STRUGGLE with stress, all in our own way and we all deal with it differently. That is why I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. No matter what, we all can benefit from this one. Our kids can too. If you get a chance and you are on our team page “Empowering Lives” check out the “units” tab and look up “Convention 2019.” Look for the Adaptiv video and the one called “Adaptiv explained for Mental Health.” I love how she breaks it down so it is easier to understand. If you are not on facebook for this video, just let us know, we can try to explain it for you.

For me personally I love using this during times of higher stress or just using on a daily basis before bed so I can “CALM DOWN.”

I also love diffusing this oil in the car, in the school room or anywhere that the kids are more stressed as well.

Do you have an amazing testimonial to share about using this new product line?

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