After sharing a post on how I use the aromatouch application to help my kids with feelings of stress, over-whelm and anger and the list goes on, I was asked if I could create a video with how to do it.

My 17 year old son, of course volunteered. All three of my boys love this application and I can almost get them to do any chore asked when they know this is the reward. Interesting as this must be their “Love Language.” Touch and Quality time. That is a great book by the way, “The 5 Love Languages”

Benefits for me… with touching all these oils it helps me feel stress-less, immune & inflammation supporter. BONUS: HAPPY KIDS!!!

We will also be offering AromaTouch Applications & study groups starting in June at The Maus Resort. Watch for more information to come as we will be offering it in groups. So you can come with a friend and have it done together.