Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about natural solutions I use to make day-to-day life healthier. I love sharing what I use with you and I hope you love it too.

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Today I want to share my favorite DIY dusting solution and a fun way to mix up any regular date night!

If you had a favorite chore, what would it be? It is not dusting, but I do love looking at everything I do dust.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s so exciting about dusting? I have a thing with dust. I don’t like to see it or inhale it. Can you relate?

I used to use a dusting wand but that was a disaster. Every time I swiped dust off one surface, it would transfer it to another. Then one day I got smart and created my own dusting spray. I can still use my wand, but it’s such a better experience now!

I’m hooked on this dusting spray. My wood furniture looks like new and there isn’t a speck of dust in sight.

1 c distilled water (distilled water, or boiled tap water, will help the solution last longer)
1/3 c white vinegar (for extra cleaning power, use up to 1/2 c, or 1/4 c if you can’t tolerate the smell)
1/4 c almond oil (you can also substitute fractionated coconut oil)
30 drops of citrus essential oils (gives it an amazing smell!) I use the Citrus Bliss® blend from dōTERRA® because it’s one of my favorites. You can use one oil or any combination of citrus essential oils. Lemon or Wild Orange are also some of my favorites.
A tip from a friends..
Are you tired of doing the same old thing on date night? I hear you!Week after week we go to the same restaurants and frankly, it gets old. It was time to shake things up. We pulled out the calendar and took turns planning a date night with ideas we haven’t done before.During my week, I decided to do a massage night at home. I know – it doesn’t sound as romantic as a couples massage, but after our first massage date at home, we both agreed that this was one we wanted to repeat.

It was fun and relaxing!

Essential oils are a perfect way to add aromatherapy and relaxation to your day or night. (It can be great for your immune system and sleep too!)


● 8.5 oz fractionated coconut oil
● 10 drops Ylang Ylang
● 10 drops Wild Orange
● 5 drops Ginger
● 5 drops Clove or Clove Bud
● Glass bottle with a dropper

Combine carrier oil with essential oils into a glass bottle with a dropper. This helps with dispensing. Enjoy!