Finding time to date your special someone can be TOUGH! You might be held back by kids, finances, health or work. Do you remember the last time you did something special for them? I mean, doing the things you used to do when you were first in love – write a love note, give a gift just because, say I love you?

Focusing on a loved one can make all the difference in your relationship.

In honor of LOVE month, try diffusing “In The Mood” diffuser blend and set aside a few hours for some alone time with your special someone. Just for the night, put aside the roles that run your daytime hours and remember what it was like to be dating when you first met.
In The Mood Diffuser Blend
2 drops Ylang Ylang
1 drop Wild Orange
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Cedarwood
I love my cleaning wipes. I use them in every room in my home. When I started replacing toxic products with more natural ones, I knew I needed to find a way to update my cleaning wipes. It was actually simpler than I thought it would be!

What cleaning products can you not live without?

1 roll of good quality paper towels
Glass container with an airtight lid (Make sure it can fit the volume of paper towels you’re using)
Glass bowl for mixing
1 c distilled water
2 tbsp white vinegar
Small squirt of dish soap – I like to use On Guard® Cleaner Concentrate or any other natural dish soap
8 drops of Tea Tree (Melaleuca) essential oil
1. Begin by cutting the roll of paper towels in half with a large knife.
2. Make the cleaning solution by mixing the distilled water, vinegar, small squirt of dish soap, and Tea Tree oil in a glass bowl.
3. Place half a roll of paper towels in the glass container. It’s okay if it’s a little larger than the container because the towels will compact down once they are moistened and you will remove the cardboard center in step 5.
4. Slowly pour the cleaning solution over each part of the towel roll to moisten the full roll.
5. Remove the cardboard roll from the inside of the moistened roll and recycle the cardboard. You can then find the beginning wipe at the beginning of the roll. Your wipes are ready to use!
6. Repeat for the second half of the paper towel roll.
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