We are just finishing up our first round of participants in our 30- day “gentle” cleanse and essential oil layering application program.
Why do a cleanse?
Did you know it is suggested you do a cleanse every 3 months?
If you are experiencing any of the following it is a good sign you may want to try it.
1) You crave sugar often.
2) You have digestive issues.
3) Seasonal Allergies are happening more often.
4) You eat healthily but you don’t feel healthy.
5) Your skin is not clear.
6) You feel fatigued often.
7) You feel mentally foggy.
8) You are experiencing joint pain.
9) You are constantly stressed.
10) The idea of a detox makes you want to cry.
11) You are struggling with your weight.
12) Your hormones are all wacky.
13) You smell.
14) Your sleep patterns are all over the place.
15) You have feelings of deep sadness or anxiousness.
16) You get cold sores.
The thing with our bodies is we are exposed to toxins in our water, food, the air we breathe, our skincare and hair care products everyday. We can’t avoid it. Detoxing is a way to help the body recover quicker from these daily exposures. Think of it like a dryer, you have to take the lint off the screen or it builds up. Think of detoxing and cleansing like that.
Detoxing or cleansing does not have to be difficult or expensive either.
I have created a 30-day accountability program that walks you through our most popular products for a gentle cleanse while educating you on all of the above concerns. It is awesome.
We also talk about several essential oils that can be layered to help with all kinds of emotional and physical concerns.
If you are interested in joining us in our 30-day program. I invite you to message me for the details.
We have new groups starting all the time. The class portion is FREE.
This program is also very budget-friendly costing only $8 a day and you get a $50 credit towards products you would like or $50 off your first order.
Here are some great testimonials from some of our participants.
My biggest takeaway is how good your body can feel when you support it the way it needs: nutrition, exercise, supplements & cleanses.  I am so glad that I did this cleanse as I feel “lighter” physically and mentally. I can’t say for sure if I lost weight as I didn’t weigh myself but my clothes feel a little
looser. I have less sugar cravings so I know I cleared out some Candida thanks to the GX Assist. My skin is clearer and I definitely have more energy. I plan to do this quarterly because I feel absolutely amazing.

My period for this month was way shorter by like half the normal length. Overall I feel great with detox. I think I will do it again in April or May. Just as research shows it can take multiple times of detox to clean harmful toxins out.

I noticed much much less bloating (fat feeling). More energy aside from when I had Covid. I was definitely in a better mood after the first week, less stressed feeling and slept better.

Erin – I put my whole family through the detox this time around as we recently found out that we have high levels or uranium in our water and really need to focus on liver and kidney health and to try and detox it out. The timing was perfect for this detox and the two go hand and hand. My husband noticed to much energy from the vitamins and could only take them during the day. I noticed my smell and taste improved after having covid after Thanksgiving. That was a huge blessing. I just find the body so remarkable, we put it through so much, and yet if we can just give it a little nourishment back, how amazing it can feel.
The first time I did this program (6 tears ago already) I did not realize how many toxins were be stored in my upper body muscles. Once it started detoxing it out I had so much more movement in my upper arms. Then my seasonal allergies and loss of smell, wow, every time I did this program my smell got better and better. Cleaning off the liver can have some amazing benefits for your senses. Weight, I did lose a few pounds more because I was thinking about what I was eating. My sleep improved and even my stress levels were down and I felt more relaxed. I would encourage everyone to try it at least once. You don’t know what you’re missing or how you will feel until you have been there, done that.
Let us know how we can help you and if this program is for you!