Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Spray break is already here along with Easter. For our family it is getting busy as one sport, bowling, is ending but Little League will be starting. One child is graduating and three others are finishing up another year of school.  As a mom, I am really, I mean really ready for a Spa Day. A chance for a little self-care! It is so much more fun with friends & family though. This is what inspired the Spa Day Party.
As many of you may know, I love playing with my essential oils, finding ways to make things at home (cheaper), and reducing my toxic load by limiting my exposure to cheaper skin and hair care products that may contain a lot of unnecessary chemicals and artificial ingredients. As I learned about the essential oils, their benefits and used them myself I have found so many fun favorites.
Let’s dig in… this is what is included in the Spa Day Kit.

Bath Soak – these are perfect for a foot soak or bath soak. We are using Magnesium Flakes (you can find them on my Amazon shop page) Magnesium is great as it has anti-inflammatory benefits, boosts the mood, and may help boost your exercise performance. Add a few drops of essential oils to really enhance the experience.
Hair Build-Up Spray – This simple spray uses essential oils to help gently remove build-up on the hair from product use. Simply Spray on hair, let sit 20 minutes and wash.
Body Brush Spray – Have you tried body brushing? Here are some great reasons. The spray can be sprayed on skin before Dry Brushing to support the 5 reasons below. After you dry brush, shower as normal.
dr brush with essential oils
Long Lash Serum – I have used this along with my daughter for over a year now. My daughter loves how her lashes are looking and I like how simple it is to apply to your lashes before bed.
Bloom Lotion – In this simple hack we are using doTERRA unscented hand and body lotion with a few drops of our favorite essential oil blend. The cute DIY container is made of silicone and can easily be washed and reused. Plus small enough to keep in your purse, at the office, or even in the car.
Beauty Body Spray – A small travel-size body glass body mister with one of our all-time favorite scents! The Beautiful essential oil blend mixed with some amazing carrier oils to help with moisturizing the body after a shower. No need to perfumes or scented lotions as you will smell amazing with this alone.
Glowing Skin Roller – this blend has 5 of our favorite essential oils for skin in a Rosehip seed carrier oil. Roll this on at night before bed as part of a nightly routine to healthy, glowing skin.

Then to add to the fun we are offering an “add on” with even more fun Spa-themed items. You can find all of these on our “amazon shop tab.”
or purchase with your Spa Day Kit with this link.
Your Spa Kit Extras include – a dry brush, mud mask brush with red, green, and blue clay along with a mud mask, two essential oil chocolates, and a pack of cucumber eye patches.

To add to the educational part of this Spa Day theme we are offering this as an in-home party or online party.
In-home parties would need to be fairly local to me and using one of my available dates.
Online parties will include an online class on one of our favorite education platforms. Attendees can learn and purchase from there too! Hostesses will receive credit based on Spa Day Kits sold. You might even earn your kit free.
If a no-party is not your thing, you are still invited to purchase the Spa Day Kit, we will send you an invite to our Spa Day online Party so you can learn about the items in the kit, the essential oils that we are using, and why we choose those products.

How to purchase… 
Click on this link to purchase the Spa Day Kit, Spa Day supplies ( I have my own doTERRA oils), Spa Day Extras, or even the Spa Day Party recipes & labels. 
I will then package your order and ship it out to you plus you will receive an invite to our online party within a few days.

Sign up for a class or host your own class, use this link.
Sign up with this link for our public class on April 19th, to host a class or purchase only a few of our make n take items. 

Thank you so much for showing interest in our online or in-person class/party and supporting our small business! We truly love what we do! Helping families and individuals with their health and wellness goals! We are here to help educate and support you on your wellness journies.