This oil is rich, invigorating, with a woody aroma that can calm and uplift the mind, smells like the deep forests of Japan.

The name “Hi-no-ki” is three parts, meaning “Fire of Tree.”
Among its uses are:
• Cleansing Properties
• Helps with blood circulation
•Stimulates hair growth
• Can relieve head tension
• Supports the immune system
• Helps with muscle discomfort 
• Reduces the appearance of scars
• Promotes wound healing
• Can be used as a deodorant
• Add to your outdoor “no bus” spray
• Reduces signs of visible aging
• Add to your bath to relax

Check out the “recipes” tab for a great DIY recipes.

DIffuser blends which are one of my favorite way to use any essential oil!
Focused                                                Grounded                                  Gentle Breeze
3 drops Grapefruit                                  3 drops Balance                        3  drop Lemon
3 drops Bergamot                                   2 drops Hinoki                           2 drops Hinoki
2 drops Hinoki                                        1 drops Wild Orange                  2 drops Eucalyptus

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