Are you looking for EASY gift giving ideas for friends and family this year? Plus you want to share your LOVE of these amazing essential oils?

The Aromatouch kit is one of my favorites it comes with 8-5ml bottles ( 85 drops each) and a 4oz bottle of coconut oil. You get Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca (TeaTree), On Guard, Aromatouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange & Peppermint.

You will need the following supplies to make all 40 – 5ml bottles. Order the Aromatouch kit, 1 bottle peppermint through your doTERRA customer account. If you click on “My Favorites” tab on the “Self Care camp” page, you can order your 5ml roller bottle through that link and will take you right to amazon or buy at your local health food store. If making the 20-10ml rollers. Then order your 10ml rollers with an extra coconut oil & peppermint through your doTERRA customer site.

Here are the recipes in 5ml size (double for 10ml)

Daily Immunity – 10 drops On Guard & 10 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree), top off with FCO (Fractionated Coconut oil)

Balanced & Calm – 10 drops Balance & 10 drops Lavender, top off with FCO

Head & Neck Tension – 10 drops Aromatouch & 10 drops Peppermint, top off with FCO

Energy & Focus – 10 drops Wild Orange & 10 drops Peppermint, top off with FCO

Muscles – 10 drops Deep Blue, top off with FCO

To order label go to