Welcome to another part of doTERRA, one you might not have thought of joining.
doTERRA has blessed our family in so many ways.
Their amazing health and wellness products have supported our family for the past 6 years. We have saved so much money in doctors visits by learning how to be preventive. We have been able to work through some really difficult emotional challenges. Through these experiences we have then been able to help others in our community to do the same thing. As a result of sharing the oils we have been able to earn a rewarding income from doTERRA through their very generous compensation plan.

If you are feeling stuck at home, and the desire to help others is pulling on your, consider how doTERRA could be that opportunity for you to share health and wellness tips with others. We know the products work, we know how to teach others to use them. Are you interested in helping us, help more people in our communities?

doTERRA even pays weekly, so if you’re watching this and worried about next weeks paycheck, send me a message, I would be happy to talk with you about how to get started.

Contact me at farminfamily@gmail.com or through facebook, Erin Maus l Oils & Wellness with a Plan.

Our next Business Zoom will be at 7:30am on March 28th, unless you would like to schedule a time to talk before then.