Our brains are being bombarded with more information now than ever before. When thoughts and images are thrown at us constantly, our minds can get overwhelmed easily. It can be hard to focus, and we can become increasingly anxious and irritable.
Studies have shown that essential oils can help calm the mind and energize the body. Some of my favorite oils for mental clarity are: Rosemary, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Frankincense, and citrus oils of all kinds. Whether I’m working, cleaning the house or helping kids with their homework, using essential oils can enhance my senses and help me sustain focus.
●   Increase mental clarity
●   Improve concentration
●   Restore mental alertness
●   Improve energy
●   Help with focus and staying on track
●   Improve cognitive function
●   Diffuse 2 drops of oil in your favorite diffuser
●   Apply 1-2 drops of oil to a carrier oil and put on your
wrists, temples or back of the neck
●   Take a few deep breaths of your favorite oil
When you need to buckle down and get things done, this brain booster blend is a big help. It clears my brain fog, improves mental alertness and lifts my mood. Who wouldn’t want some of that?
●   6 drops Rosemary
●   2 drops Lime
●   2 drops Peppermint
●   Carrier oil of your choice
Add essential oils to a 10mL roller bottle and fill the rest with a carrier oil. Apply to temples when needed.