Essential Oil Diffuser Buddies -Dead Pool


Diffuser Buddies were created to bring a joy to those in need of a “buddy.” Add your childs favorite essential oil scent and have them snuggle with their buddy when comfort or relaxation are needed. Need a scent? Check out our DIY Kits and consider the “Sleep” spray.
Diffuser Buddies are hand made by a local crafter with a passion for homemade gifts, she is also a grandma of 15 grandkids who enjoys bringing joy to others. We thank you so much for supporting her small business, you have no idea how your purchases are blessing her life!




Dead Pool

The essential oil diffuser character guy “Dead Pool” was created with the idea of misting them with essential oils to help you or your child sleep better. Aromatherapy has been used for years to help calm and promote a more peaceful night’s sleep. These are ordered products and can take up to a week to make. Dead Pool is $33 with a flat shipping fee of $5. If you are local we can deliver or meet up and save you shipping.
The size is 12″ x 8″ in size.
We appreciate your support of our small business.

**these diffuser buddies are created in a home with a smoker, we do our best to “air out” the buddies before shipping.


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