Gravies, Sauces & Seasonings Stand Up Pouch Bags With Labels


Labeled Gravies, Sauces & Seasonings Stand-Up Pouch

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Are you looking to save space in your cupboard or would like to give these mixes to a friend as a gift?

I am now offering Labeled Stand Up Pouch Bags.

We hope to save you time and money by offering these labeled pouches in the size that fits the recipe and you can order which recipes you would like bags for.

We hope these meet your expectations.

There will be a label on the front of the bag with the title of your mix and a label on the back with directions.

“Reuse” if you are purchasing these for yourself keep in mind you can reuse these, seeing as there is only dry ingredients inside the pouch, simply refill the pouch again and reseal. It is a great way to keep track of what you have run out of.

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Stand Up Pouch

Brown Gravy Mix, Chicken Gravy Mix, Country Gravy Mix, Sausage Gravy Mix, Mushroom Gravy, Red Eye Gravy, Tomato Gravy, Corn Gravy, Alfredo Sauce Mix, Beef Stew Seasoning, Mix Chicken Stew, Seasoning Mix, Scallop Potato Seasoning Mix, Cheesy Potato Seasoning Mix, Corn Bread Mix, Biscuits Mix


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