Do you ever feel constantly tired? It’s almost like it doesn’t matter how much sleep you get, how much exercise you get or how well you eat. You try to pay attention to it all and you still feel fatigued?

I know that place!

If you’re looking for some extra support, no matter what your daily routine looks like, I have some great info for you.

Rosemary is known to rapidly reduce cortisol levels in minutes, just by smelling it.

Why is that so important when it comes to feeling fatigued? Fatigue is often caused by consistently low cortisol levels. When our cortisol levels are consistently low, it leaves us more prone to experiencing fatigue, brain fog, sad feelings, difficulty sleeping and lower abilities to handle day-to-day life stressors.

So is Rosemary important in a day-to-day essential oils routine? If you ask me, absolutely.

What do you do for day-to-day cortisol boosts? I would love to know what you’ve tried that works. Would you like to learn more about what I use for daily fatigue boosters? Check out my adrenal support page below for more great ideas in combating fatigue.

½ cup white distilled vinegar
2 cups water
10 drops Lemon essential oil
1. Pour all ingredients into glass spray bottle
2. Shake well
3. Spray fruits and veggies liberally
4. Scrub or brush produce if desired
5. Gently pat dry
Purifying our fruits and veggies is really important. While it’s impossible to remove all chemicals and pesticides, the healthiest thing to do is to make sure that your produce is properly washed. And don’t worry, it only takes a second and it doesn’t alter the way it tastes! (Even organic veggies benefit from this little boost!)

My favorite little veggie wash takes a minute or two and keeps my veggies fresh AND healthy for my family.

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