Enjoy dōTERRA® Rewards!
My favorite way to purchase dōTERRA® oils and products is through the dōTERRA® Loyalty Rewards Program. When you purchase items through the Loyalty Rewards Program, you save 25% off retail AND earn reward points back on your purchase (earn up to 35% additional points on entire orders!).

Who doesn’t love that, right?

It’s a great way to stock the cupboards and replace store-bought, day-to-day supplies with healthy, natural options. Come see what I love most about the Loyalty Rewards Program and how you can get the benefits of it too…

Tired of Hiding Unhealthy Nails?
Do your nails need some serious TLC? You’re not alone! It’s important to take care of our nails. Not only do healthy nails look beautiful, they protect our fingers too.

What actually causes our nails to break down?

There can be a lot of reasons why nail health may diminish. Water exposure, weather changes, stress and chemical exposure can all be culprits of damaged nails. Luckily, with a little self care you can have your nails in tip-top shape before you know it.

Here’s one of my favorite healthy-nail tricks!

Nail Strengthening Serum
 ●   1 1⁄4 tsp jojoba oil
●   1⁄2 tsp vitamin E
●   5 drops Lavender
●   5 drops Lemon
●   5 drops Frankincense
●   5 drops Myrrh
●   10mL roller bottleAdd oils and carrier oil to a 10mL roller bottle and snap the top on. Shake the roller bottle to mix the oils and apply directly onto nails.
5 Tips for a Quick Reboot…
And My Favorite Get ‘Er Done Diffuser Blend
Ready for a reboot? Me too! How might the habits we have be hurting or helping that much-needed reboot? Do you eat late at night? Is exercising daily your thing? Are you 5 minutes late to everything? It’s important to be mindful of our habits. Good or bad, they can define us. Here are 5 of my quick reboot tips…
1. Stop making excuses
Are you stuck doing things you don’t love? It’s easy to make excuses for why we can’t change our circumstances. We feel trapped and stuck in misery. We all have the choice to stay stuck or move forward. If we want to change, we have to kill the excuses and take baby steps to make a change. Great things happen when we are willing to do the work (and essential oils can help!).
2. Practice gratitude
When we focus on things we have instead of things we don’t, it can make a huge difference on how we feel about ourselves and our situation. It’s easy to complain about things, but that doesn’t change them. Take 2 minutes every day and make a list of the things you’re grateful for. This small practice can have huge rewards.
3. Take care of YOU
Don’t be afraid to focus on “Me Time.” A lot of us are pleasers and put the needs of others before our own (sound familiar?!). Taking time for ourselves helps us feel more balanced. Instead of trying to please everyone else, remember that the only validation you need is your own. Don’t be afraid to focus on you, too. It may feel selfish for a bit, but it will actually give you more power to help others.
4. Accept what you can’t control
The illusion of being in control somehow makes us feel safe. It makes us believe that as long as we are in control, nothing can go wrong. No matter how hard we try to control things, it isn’t possible. The sooner we accept this truth, the more freeing it will be to let go of things we can’t control and focus on what we have the power to influence or change.
5. Let go of regrets and past mistakes
We are all bound to fail and make mistakes. Don’t let these things haunt you. Make peace with knowing we aren’t perfect. Move forward, heal and continue living. Regardless of how low, helpless and defeated you feel at this moment, it’s possible for things to improve tomorrow. Remember, every storm eventually runs out of rain. You’ve got this.
Take a moment and focus on one of the ideas above. Write down in your journal the first thing that comes to mind. How can you make subtle changes to jumpstart that much-needed reboot? I like to diffuse this “Get ‘Er Done” blend when I’m setting goals and establishing new habits. I want to share it with you, so you can try it too.
Get ‘Er Done
Diffuser Blend
 ●   3 drops of Siberian Fir
●   1 drop of Clove
●   1 drop of SpearmintAdd oils to your diffuser and diffuse when you need to amplify your brain power and get things done.