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Clean Air. Did you know indoor air pollution, for most, is a bigger problem than outdoor? Why? Now-a-days people spend way more time indoors and, with lack of fresh air, there’s lots of exposure to toxins. From chemical cleaners, to carpet, treated wood, paint, and much more, that’s a lot of off-gassing! Super easy way to solve the problem: One, we return to where we started. Diffuse! Best way to clear the air! Two, make your own non-toxic cleaners {bonus – saves money too!}. First thing I did when I got this, sent all my toxic stuff out with the trash man. Now, after years of making my own, hundreds of dollars saved! More importantly, huge decision toward better quality of health. Check out the natural All-Purpose Spray recipe below – great for almost any surface and SO easy to make. Another must use recipe .. 1 tsp On Guard concentrated cleaner to 8 oz water. Or 3 drops On Guard essential oil to 32oz water. Two easy and inexpensive ways to clean your home and so much healthier than traditional cleaners. How much would you save every month if you were not having to buy all those cleaners, have sanitizer and room scents? One essential oil that could do all that, lemon... And it only cost $.03 a drop, costing you only $.09 to diffuser $.15 to clean $.03 for your hands and so much healthier with no synthetics!! . . . . . . #essentialoil #doterra #cleaning #air #toxins #cleaner #diy #healthyliving #home #family

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