Are you a napper? A good nap allows for brain recovery, memory consolidation, and a burst of energy! All great reasons to stop feeling guilty about taking naps and give it a try.
4 Nap Types
Power Nap  (10-20 mins) gives you a boost of energy throughout the day without feeling drowsy so you can fall asleep at night.
Hangover  (30 mins – 10 too many) leaves you loopy and wanting to stay asleep… you’ll snap out of it but it may take some time.
Brainiac  (60 mins) includes the deepest sleep, your ability to recall facts, names and events will improve.
California King  (90 mins) gives you a full cycle of sleep which includes REM, or dream stage, and avoids the loopy feeling the hangover nap leaves you with. Will improve creative thinking and motor memory, but nighttime sleep may become difficult.

What’s your nap-iness sweet spot?

1. Under a tree, in a park, or the great outdoors
2. On the couch
3. In your private office if possible
4. On a comfortable chair at the library
5. On the subway or bus
6. In a parked car
*Tip: I like to carry Lavender oil with me. When it’s time for a quick nap, I rub a few drops on my wrists and on my heart for some peaceful relaxation.
Time to pucker up and give that special someone a big kiss!

Worried about your breath? I’ve got the perfect natural breath spray that won’t make you hesitate. It keeps your breath fresh and clean so you can show that special someone a little love.

5 mL glass spray bottle
Oil option (see below)
Distilled water
3-5 drops Peppermint (minty fresh flavor)
1-2 drops Cinnamon (spicy warm flavor)
3-5 drops Spearmint (minty flavor)
*Tip: Start with a lower ratio of oil 1-4 drops and then fill the rest of the sprayer with distilled water. Put the cap back on, shake, and spray on your tongue. If you want the taste stronger, add a few more drops of desired oil.
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