Feeling Good Matters

We’ve talked a lot throughout our Oil Camps about the idea that FEELING GOOD MATTERS. When we feel good on the inside, we literally raise our body’s energetic vibration.

Have you ever heard someone say, “That woman just exudes happiness! (Or peace, or jealousy, or anger, or love…)”

Feeling good IS doing good!

Your happiness matters. It matters because YOU matter. And it matters because the world needs the influence of happy, grateful, optimistic, empowered, and joyful people.

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Will you be one of those people?? 


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Erin Maus

Platinum Wellness Advocate

Favorite Product:
My favorite doTERRA product right now is the Adaptiv line. 

With homeschooling and running 2 businesses, it can challenging and very rewarding. Most of the time I am trying to just keep it all together and not lose my temper or take it out on myself for not getting it all done. Diffusing Adaptiv along with taking the supplement daily has helped me stay focused, stay calm, and enjoy every moment. I am so thankful for the emotional and mood support this product offers.

Joined November 2013

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