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Which supplies should I order first?

They are not from dōTERRA and not safe (you can search “why not to buy dōTERRA on amazon,” youtube videos come up showing you why.

What are your favorite oil shops?
When should I dilute oils and how do I do it?

When to Dilute:

dōTERRA Blog – Topical Application: To Dilute or Not to Dilute


How to Dilute:


20 drops of each essential oil in a 5ml rollerball topped off with Fractionated coconut oil or MCT oil. Recommended up to 50% Essential Oils in 10ml roller at max. It’s ok to start with less and add more later if necessary.

Children & Babies

Use the same # of drops as their age. So a baby roller would be 1-5 drops of each essential oil and top off with FCO. A 5 year old would use 5-10 drops of each essential oil and top off with FCO. Our children have always used adult recipes since they were 10 years old, safely 20 drops each essential oil.

What are some great apps for essential oils?
I'm ready to order more dōTERRA products. How do I order?

You have two choices when ordering:

  • 1X
  • Loyaty Rewards Program (LRP)


If you are only going to order once in a while, the 1X works well. You get 50% of your shipping back in points.



  • Free to join monthly rewards ordering
  • Get free products
  • Get 100% of your shipping reimbursed as product points to buy more free product
  • Work your way up to 30% back in rewards! I get $50 back free every month AND a free oil every month! (check out the “Living Right Practically” photo below for items you can swap out and to learn about the LRP)


How to Order via LRP

Log in at
Click Create New Loyalty Reward Order (this is the only time you will do this – after this you will always click edit)

Edit your LRP:

Process and check out of your LRP order:

Redeem points:

Add products to your LRP:

Your cart will process every month on that date, so you must update your cart or you will get the same products again. You must order at least 1 PV = $1 each month to earn the benefits in the LRP program. Don’t cancel your LRP! If you do, you start back at 10% rewards and lose your points! Ideas below on what to order that are low cost if there is a month where you don’t need much.
Make your ship date on or before the 15th of the month. This helps you get the free oil of the month from DōTERRA and gets you entered into all the giveaways we have for everyone who orders on or before the 15th.
How do I join dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program?
Download this resource:
Watch this video:

How do I host a class?

1. What kind of class do you want to have?

  • Basic Oil Class
  • Massage Application Class
  • $5 Make n’ Take Roller Bottle Class

2. Pick a date with your Upline

3. Let’s party!

  • Yes, we travel
  • Yes, we do online class
  • Yes, they are TONS of FUN
  • Yes, you earn LOT OF FREE Stuff
  • Yes, you can decide at any point that you want to do what we do, because it is so much FUN!

Download this 2 Page PDF Resource

How can I get my oils paid for?

We have a simple program called the “Elite Challenge”.

About the Elite Challenge

In the video below I share what the challenge is and how we can share dōTERRA with others. We get to help others find better – healthier solutions while helping you earn a little extra income to get your oils paid for. 

If you are interested in the Elite Challenge send your upline (who enrolled you) a message or send me a message. As a team, we will help you get started.


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