Sleep like a baby with Lavender

Did you know 68% of adults struggle with either getting to sleep or falling back asleep?

In this week’s 5-minute fix, we’re focused on getting you the sleep you deserve!

Each night before you go to sleep, choose one or more of these quick fixes:

ico Place a drop of Lavender on each wrist and smear a drop across your forehead.
ico To double the effect, add 1-3 drops of Lavender to your diffuser and turn it on in your room for about 30 minutes before you climb into bed.
ico Spray a mist of Lavender on your pillowcase for a restful night’s sleep.
ico Good news, you can re-apply your lavender after 15 minutes or if you wake in the middle of the night and need help relaxing again.
You can “spike” your Lavender by using a drop of Roman Chamomile to help you sleep even better! Over time, the aroma of Lavender can automatically trigger the feeling of relaxation and rest. If you’re like me and your not a big fan of lavender or the floral secents, try petigrain essential oil. It smells to me like green peppers and works so good for sleep. Add a drop or two to your feet or a drop under the tongue. Let me know what your favorite sleep oil is.

Will you take my 5-minute quick fix challenge this week?

I would love to know how this helps you!

Let’s face it, keeping up with a workout program can be difficult. We all have days when it’s hard to get out of bed and shake off that sluggish feeling.

Essential oils can help recharge your batteries and give you strength and energy to reach your fitness goals. Using oils aromatically can send impulses to your brain to help regulate your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing patterns.

How cool is that?

This pre-workout energy boost blend is perfect to apply whenever you are needing an extra boost to get to the gym and complete your workout!

ico 20 drops Peppermint
ico 20 drops Wintergreen
ico 15 drops Rosemary
ico 1 oz glass bottle (with a glass dropper if you have one)
ico Top off the bottle with fractionated coconut oil
Apply 2-3 drops of oil blend to the palm of your hand. Rub palms together and apply oil on the tops of your shoulders and to the back of your neck before your workout.

What oils do you use when you need a boost of energy?