Almost 25% of adults deal with vein discomfort in their legs. The veins can be an eyesore, but their symptoms are even worse – aching, burning, throbbing, muscle cramping, swelling, and itching.

You know those feelings?

Here are my go-to solutions to relieve vein discomfort. You can use them for yourself or share them with a family member or friend in need:

Wear compression socks – Propel blood housed in veins towards heart.
Maintain a healthy weight – Keep your body active by exercising every day
Wear flat footwear – Get blood pumping through extremities with well-fitted shoes.
Elevate legs – Elevate legs if you’re sitting too long to improve circulation.
Massage effective areas – Massage affected areas to get things moving through the veins. Try using essential oils while you massage.
3 drops Cypress
2 drops Lavender
2 drop Geranium
Carrier oil of your choice
1. Pour carrier oil in a roller bottle, then add essential oils.
2. Swirl to mix.
To use, shake well and roll over veins when uncomfortable. Use every 4 – 6 hours or as needed.
Is a day at the spa not in your budget?

Give yourself a relaxing spa feeling with coconut oil sugar scrub cubes – without the hefty price tag.

They’re perfect for a one time use in the bath, shower, gym bag, travel kit, or guest bath. They make excellent gifts too!

¼ c coconut oil
8 – 1” cubes glycerin soap
1 c sugar
15 drops of essential oils
Cinnamon and Clove or Clove Bud
Lavender and Lemon
Grapefruit and Lemongrass
Cut soap base into approximately 1”x 1” cubes and melt over med/low heat.
Stir in coconut oil until melted.
Remove from heat and allow to cool (abt 5 mins)
Add essential oils and sugar when mixture has cooled.
Pour into molds let set for a few hours.
Tip: Don’t wait too long to put the mixture into molds or recipe will set up too quickly. If this happens, reheat the mixture just enough to pour it into the mold again.
Use in shower but store out of direct water spray to keep them from wearing away when not in use.
*BONUS! Double the recipe and give some away as gifts.
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