We are entering the fall and winter months. With that comes, closed doors, less fresh air, less sunshine and more contact with people. Which usually leads to sickness, missed work or school, more junk food and less exercise.

What can you do to be proactive or if you do start feeling unwell what products can you use?

For me I take the Lifelong Vitality Pack, terrazymes, citrus oils in my water, and diffuser oils all day long and in every room. A few times a week I take the On Guard softgels & Peppermint softgels. We also try to add in an oil application – something that seems fitting for the whole family. With a family of 6 we do the Symphony of the Cells application because they are fast, but it you have time, doing the Aromatouch Technique is amazing too. It really does not matter what oil application you do, the important thing is be applying oils to the body on a consistent basis to see better results. If you need help creating a plan, just send me a message or schedule a chat. They are free.

If I start to feel unwell my go tos are… the On Guard Softfels 2x a day, Oregano Touch on my feet 2x a day, I will also take GX assist for a few days then follow up with PB Assist for a few days. Then stay on the PB Assist to boost that immune system. Gut health is so important when keep that immune system strong.

For sore throats: On Guard softgels & On Guard throat drops, gargling with Lemon or On Guard is helpful too.

Stuffy nose: Breathe, Frankincense and Thyme if it is looking a little green.

Ears: Frankincense, Lavender & Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is a good place to start. Apply on the ear bones.

Chest: Same as nose only more oil and more often. I will put 4-5 drops total on my 7 year old, 8-9 drops on my 16 year old. Diffusing around them will help too.

So, what are some tips that you would like to share with our readers that have worked for you?