I finally did it!
This was such a hard decision for me.
To redo my wedding rings. Yes, I said rings. Here is the story… a year after Mark and I were married, I lost my wedding ring while milking cows. It is the only place I could have thought that I had it. I made the mistake of putting my ring in my pocket as to not get it dirty. When I realized it was gone, I was crushed!!
A year later, Mark surprised me with an almost identical wedding set for Christmas. I cried!! I mean, who wouldn’t!
Then 7 years later, get this, Mark put the skid steer in the manure pit to scrap out all the lime that had settled in there. There was lots. And this is a huge pit.
They then spread it on the fields. I always hoped I would maybe see my ring while picking rock in the spring. I know, what are the odds.
I was a warm summer day and I was in the kiddie pool with the kids when Mark walked up to me and said you will never guess what I found. My heart stopped. Then he showed my ring, all the diamonds were still in place. It just needed to be cleaned. I was speechless and asked how or where did he find it.
It turns out that a part broke on the back of the spreader and while he was pulling rocks out of the tank to fix it he saw something shiny. It was my ring!!!
I am still in awe.
so, to be able to wear both wedding sets I had the wedding band from the newer set attached to the old set.
Then this summer while my son was ring shopping, I had the jewelry look at my ring to clean it, like always, and he said that the big diamond was almost ready to fall off, so he suggested getting it rebuilt or I could redesign it.
It took me forever to decide, do I leave it the way it is or redesign it. I started searching for a style that I like as I loved the idea of redesigning it. They then could use all the diamonds from both rings.
Finally, this fall I decided on a style and dropped my ring off the day before hunting season.
I got the text this week that it was done and could not wait to go get it!!
Here is it and a huge shout out the Jim Kryshak Jewelers for doing such an amazing job and for the wonderful customer service.