As we close our the Master your Metabolism, which will soon be available in on this site, a few notes at the end of the workbook.

Let’s learn about Terrazymes, digestive enzymes
Primary Benefits
– Supports healthy digestions and metabolisms of enzyme-deficient, processed foods
– Support conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy
Promotes gastrointestinal comfort and food tolerance
– Safe and effective
– It is stored up in the body until it is needed
– People who work out and also take digestive enzymes, recover twice as fast as those who don’t.
– People who consume digestive enzymes get will faster, after a sickness, than those who don’t
– Taking two digestive enzymes on an empty stomach, every night before bed, will clean up your blood and any undigested food.

Zendocrine Complex-
This complex is a proprietary blend of 14 active whole-food extracts in a patented enzyme delivery system that supports healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin.

– Barberry leaf, milk thistle seed, burdock root, clove bid, dandelion root, garlic fruit, red clover leaf:
– Targets the cleansing and support of the liver and helps filter the blood of toxins.
– Turkish rhubarb stem, burdock root, clove bud, dandelion root: Targets the cleansing of the kidneys while bringing strength and integrity to it.
– Psyllium seed husk, turkish rhubarb stem, acacia gum bark, marshmallow root: Helps to strengthen the elimination process of the colon and colon health.
– Osha root, safflower petals: Helps to strengthen and cleanse the lungs from environmental and other toxins.
– Kelp, milk thistle seed, burdock root, clove bud, garlic fruit: Helps support the cleansing of toxins from the skin.
– Enzyme assimilation system of amylase and cellulase their natural mineral cofactors magnesium and manganese: Increase digestion and utilization of te rest of the ingredients.

Is this something you can see adding into your daily routine?

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